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Best, The Netherlands

Van der Valk Exclusief Hotel Eindhoven

It's all about extraordinary enjoyment

In Van Der Valk Exclusief, Where Acoustic and Design Play a Central Role



A Feeling of Unity Emerges From The New Premises

A new Van der Valk Exclusief Hotel has recently opened in Best. The design was created by Paul Teunissen and Robert van Houten of PAM Teunissen Architects, while Pennings Akoestisch Afbouwen took charge for the ceiling finish.

Van der Valk Exclusief Hotel luxury chain presents its guests with an exclusive and distinctive experience, featuring spacious rooms and suites, stylish restaurants, modern meeting rooms, and indulgent wellness areas.

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A Stylish Solution For Hospitality Spaces

In a variety of settings such as restaurants, meeting rooms, and reception areas, optimal acoustics play a crucial role in creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for both guests and employees.

For this new development the architects sought out a ceiling finish with high acoustic value to enhance the overall interior aesthetic. Previous solutions like plastered or system ceilings were not meeting the Van der Valk standards, so they opted for ELEGANZA. With its exceptional acoustic performances and seamless appearance, this ceiling solution offers a world of difference from other ceilings.

The end result at the Van der Valk Exclusief location in Eindhoven-Best is not only stylish and visually striking but it also provides an unmissable sound quality improvement, transforming the space into a more comfortable and enjoyable environment.

The end result in the Eindhoven-Best hotel is striking and stylish, with great acoustics, because people don't want to be in a big sound box.

Robert van Houten / PAM Teunissen Architects

At Van der Valk Exclusief in Eindhoven-Best, the desire was to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere by incorporating organic-shaped ceilings rather than the typical rectangular ones.

This desire was easily achieved with ELEGANZA, a versatile solution that allows for customisable colours and superior acoustics. This combination not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space but also ensures a soothing experience for guests.

In a setting where hospitality is paramount, the seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality provided by ELEGANZA perfectly aligns with the values of Van der Valk Exclusief, where everything is about hospitality and an optimal guest experience.

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  • PAM Teunissen Architecten BV, Voorschoten
  • Pennings Akoestisch Afbouwen, Rosmalen
  • 6,000m²
  • 2023
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An Elegant and Functional Ceiling Solution

Selecting ELEGANZA as the acoustic solution of choice for the Van der Valk project was a collaborative decision made in consultation with the architect and contractor. With over 6,000m2 of ELEGANZA applied, the product's properties like high absorption, luxurious appearance, and flexibility perfectly complemented the Van der Valk Exclusief concept.

Aside from considering the budget, the focus was on providing excellent service and ensuring the ceiling's maintenance. ELEGANZA was chosen for its airtightness—ability to prevent air movement through the ceiling—and guarantee of keeping the surface clean and undamaged for years to come.

To maintain a clean and discreet ceiling, the technology was seamlessly integrated into coves with minimal visible grilles. All technical components such as cables, electricity, climate control, wiring and ventilation were housed in a designated space above the ceiling, allowing for easy access and possible adjustments in the future. The design and accessibility of the plenum were carefully planned in advance with the help of virtual reality to ensure an elegant and functional result.

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Of course we also pay attention to the budget, but the service aspect plays a much bigger role. Maintaining the ceiling, continuing to provide service, and promising that the ceiling will remain sleek and beautiful for a number of years are essential.

Ton Pennings / Pennings Akoestisch Afbouwen, Rosmalen