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The Latest Innovations in Ceiling Design

We Were Live! 

At Knauf Ceiling Solutions, we are constantly expanding our multi-material portfolio as part of our Think Bigger philosophy.

Join Rob Gardiner (Head of Global Product Management), Giuliano Chiovetta (Global Product Manager for Mineral) and Alfonso Verillos Moreno (Product Development Manager) as they host our launch event, Insights and Innovations with Knauf Ceiling Solutions.

They will showcase our latest portfolio advancements to address industry design and sustainability challenges.

An Event Overview


The whiter, brighter ADAGIO range offers durable beautiful aesthetics and stand-out acoustic performances adapted to suit every application.

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Discover more design flexibility than ever before with our multi-material Vario Design and Colour Range.

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Explore our new range of floating ceilings, baffles and wall absorbers and combine different materials, shapes and colours with a new universal grouping system for easier installation.

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Learn about the aesthetic and acoustic strengths of our newly updated metal range.

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Discover the latest innovations of our Wood Wool range: 


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Subtitle in English and additional languages can be found on the Knauf Ceiling Solutions YouTube Channel.

Our launch event shares the latest groundbreaking ceiling solutions. Our team at Knauf Ceiling Solutions strives to provide innovative, flexible, and sustainable ceiling and wall solutions. We are committed to expanding our multi-material approach, performance capabilities and easy installation, so we can continue to offer the most expansive and inspiring ceiling and wall solutions available.

Dominik Mandl / Director of Marketing & Digital Transformation