Guard Against Grime

TRIOGUARD™ Dirt Resistant Ceilings

Dirt accumulation not only detracts from a ceiling's appearance but can cost money by requiring higher maintenance or replacement of the ceiling.

In addition to reducing acoustical efficiency, soiling can cause a substantial reduction in light reflectance.

To give your space lasting value and performance, select a dirt resistant TRIOGUARD™ coated metal design from Knauf Ceiling Solutions. 

TrioGuard™ coating protects the ceiling from dirt build-up and colour fading while maintaining its original look, and brightness for longer.

This includes 10 years’ colour stability according to ASTM D 4674: Standard Practice for Accelerated Testing for Colour Stability (10-year simulation).

Repelling dirt 10 times better than untreated metal tiles, TrioGuard™ is cost-effective and easy to clean, enhancing its durable ‘just like new’ quality further.