Metal Ceiling Tile

Armstrong METAL T-Clip F

Armstrong METAL T-Clip F provides a versatile and sleek design in various perforations and edge details for installation using the Armstrong C-Channel and Spring-T suspension system.

Available in these regions:
United Kingdom & Ireland
  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom

Materials & Options

RAL 9010
Perforation Rg 2516
Perforation Rd 1522
Perforation Rg 0701
600 x 600 mm
1200 x 600 mm

Additional design options are available as part of our Vario Design range to help bring unique ideas to life

Technical Specifications



  • Concealed grid for a monolithic effect
  • Ease of installation (alignment) and fully demountable
  • Maintenance-friendly system
  • With a system height of approximately 100mm, this product can be installed in a low ceiling void
  • Additional design options available as part of our Vario Design range

Application areas

  • Used in a variety of ceiling areas: from small service rooms to large commercial office buildings and major transportation terminals.

Design Options

  • Secure Function, Dimensions, Colours, Perforations, Acoustic Infills, Cut-Outs


Sound Absorption
αw = 0.10(L) > 0.75(L)
Sound Attenuation
Dn,f,w = 13 dB > 44 dB
Sound Reduction
Rw = 5 dB > 19 dB
Light Reflectance
65% > 85%
Fire Reaction
Dependent on configuration
please see datasheet
3.6 > 8.6 kg/m2
Humidity Resistance
95% RH
Recycled Content
Dry Cloth
Moist Cloth
Damp Sponge
Product Handling
Product Handling
Scratch Resistant
Scratch Resistant

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