Technical features

Connection strength

  • - Clip staked-on end detail (stamped from a separate piece of high grade steel) provides double lock connection between Tee to Tee & Tee to Main Beam for perfect alignment.
  • - Superlock clip for strong Main Beam to Main Beam connection.
  • - The stab system locates with an audible “click”, ensuring a secured connection.
  • - Pull out strength over 100Kgs, exceeding seismic requirement.

Rotary Stitched for strength

  • - The unique “rotary stitched” construction mechanically locks together the two metal layers of the vertical web in a sophisticated in-line process enhancing the torsional strength and stability.

• Hot dipped galvanized

  • - Resists red rusting better for long term system performance.

• Peakform Profile to increase stength & stability for improved performance

Building details

  • Building type: Office, Education, Leisure & Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare & Hygiene
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