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Paris, France

Café Otto

A Unique Atmosphere

Paris is, quite possibly, the world capital of café culture. So, to stand out, a new café must offer outstanding service, compelling surroundings and – above all – a unique atmosphere that will attract passers-by and encourage them to spread the word about the establishment. Every element is vital to this – not least the need for an aesthetically pleasing ceiling.

Combining square and large rectangular MINERAL Sonic Elements and dedicated hanging kits enabled the project team to create an astonishingly cosy atmosphere within the café; a warm, welcoming environment with excellent acoustic performance to ensure customers could converse in comfort. The black and green slate colour of the materials also contributed to a unique, modern ceiling that gave Café Otto a bold and contemporary flair – helping to make it a prime destination for Parisians and other visitors to the capital of café culture.


  • Auftraggeber: Norpano Chaussivert
  • Endkunde: Café Otto
  • Fotorechte: © StudioVU


  • Segment: Leisure & Hospitality
  • Raumtyp: Dining Area
  • Materialien: Mineral
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© StudioVU
© StudioVU
© StudioVU

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