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Morshyn, Ukraine

St. Charbel Hotel and Recreation Complex

Comfortable and Aesthetically Pleasing Restaurant

The St. Charbel Hotel and Recreation Complex was faced with the task of creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing restaurant area. They opted for a suspended ceiling solution that had sound-absorbing properties to ensure the comfort of visitors, even during busy times. The installation of structures was also a concern, with a preference for solutions that were easy to install without the need for additional static structures, particularly in areas with clustered utility networks. So the MINERAL Baffle Element solution was chosen primarily for its customisable appearance, offering different forms, textures, and colours. These Baffles were well-suited for the challenges faced in this space. The acoustic efficiency of the Baffles helped regulate noise and improve acoustic comfort, a crucial consideration for the project.

The ease of installation was also a significant advantage. The designers also valued the durability and safety of the solutions in public places, aiming to maintain the beauty of the interiors and their ideas for a long time. The use of MINERAL Baffles, along with the Canopy solution MINERAL Sonic Element, surpassed expectations and successfully realised the planned goals and ideas. The designers feel a great sense of satisfaction in seeing the project come to life and witnessing their concept become a reality. The execution of all ceiling solutions aligned exactly with the original plans, further enhancing the satisfaction of the project's success.

Of course, the first thing we pay attention to, is the appearance. A big plus, among other characteristics, is the ability to choose different forms, textures, and colours in the Knauf Ceiling Solutions portfolio.

Svitlana Shevchenko / Architect / AVG Company


  • Architekt: AVG group of companies
  • Auftraggeber: Style Solutions Ltd.
  • Endkunde: TVK Ltd.
  • Fotorechte: © Sergiy Kadulin Photography


  • Segment: Leisure & Hospitality
  • Raumtyp: Hotel Restaurant / Foodcourt / Cafeteria, Children Playground
  • Materialien: Mineral
© Sergiy Kadulin Photography
MINERAL Baffle Element
© Sergiy Kadulin Photography
© Sergiy Kadulin Photography
© Sergiy Kadulin Photography
© Sergiy Kadulin Photography
MINERAL Sonic Element

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