Lower Silesian Governor's Office

Boasting a Contemporary Appearance

As times change, so do historical buildings if they are to adapt to today’s demands. At the Lower Silesian Governor's Office, the existing courtyard was transformed into the main reception space for visitors. Creating balanced acoustics that didn’t detract from the beauty of the building, citizens needed privacy to communicate with officials – a tall order in a high roofed courtyard.

Boasting a contemporary appearance, MINERAL Baffle Element are linear panels that offer excellent sound absorption. This solution was the perfect way to combine modern aesthetics with the building’s rich heritage. The subsequent booths that were formed allowed customers to enjoy confidential appointments and benefit from optimal acoustic comfort.


  • Architekt: arch. Jacek Klaminski
  • Endkunde: Lower Silesian Governor's Office in Wrocław
  • Fotorechte: © Szymon Polański


  • Segment: Office
  • Raumtyp: Reception Space / Public Area
  • Materialien: Mineral
© Szymon Polański
MINERAL Baffle Element
© Szymon Polański

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