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Breda, Netherlands

Van Iersel Geveltechniek

Transparency Creates Connection

 Van Iersel Geveltechniek's new premises in Breda epitomise transpareny in their design. As soon as visitors step into the large atrium, they are greeted with a clear view of the production hall, creating an atmosphere of openness and clarity.

This feeling extends throughout the rest of the building, resulting in a visually stunning interplay of lines on the exterior using aluminium strips on the façade and high-end ceiling solutions in common areas, offices, and corridors.


  • Architekt: Archifit Architecten, Ingenieurs en Bouwbegeleiders, Schaijk & Illse Withagen Interieurarchitectuur, Breda
  • Auftraggeber: Van der Heijden Bouw en Ontwikkeling, Schaijk
  • Endkunde: Van Iersel Geveltechniek, Breda
  • Fotorechte: © Fotografie Sonnega


  • Segment: Office
  • Raumtyp: Atrium, Office, Corridor, Meeting Rooms
  • Materialien: Mineral
  • © Fotografie Sonnega
  • © Fotografie Sonnega
  • © Fotografie Sonnega
  • © Fotografie Sonnega
  • © Fotografie Sonnega

Van Iersel Geveltechniek, Breda, Netherlands

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