Uster, Switzerland

Indoor Swimming Pool

Create a Uniquely Playful, Golden Aesthetic

In creating a world-class Olympic pool and one of Switzerland’s most modern, state-of-the-art swimming facilities, the architect, contractor and client needed to work closely together throughout a construction period lasting over one and a half years. Acoustics and corrosion resistance played key roles throughout – but everyone’s united ambition was to create a stunning aesthetic space to welcome the world’s swimmers and families.

When specifying ceilings, high humidity and a demanding environment are the first considerations needed for a swimming pool. But when the ambition is to create a stunning ceiling that enhances the whole building, the team set out to create a uniquely playful, golden aesthetic.

A special gold coating was applied to 1,500m² of the METAL R-H 200 ceiling in the Olympic pool, with 3,000m² of METAL R-H 200 in RAL 9010 covering the water park and surrounding areas. The pre-treated aluminium ceilings were primed and installed on a concealed suspension system to prevent corrosion – and reinforced by a moisture-resistant elastomer and fibreglass fleece backing to further improve resistance and acoustic performance.


  • Architecte: K&L Architekten AG
  • Poseur: Isolag AG
  • Client: City of Uster, Healthcare Department
  • Copyright photo: © Foto Lautenschlager


  • Secteur: Leisure & Hospitality
  • Type de pièce: Swimming area / Corridor / changing rooms
  • Matériaux: Metal
Custom aluminium METAL R-H 200 with swimming-pool suitable gold coating
Custom aluminium METAL R-H 200 with swimming-pool suitable RAL 9010 coating
METAL R-H 200, Rd 1522, NCS Brown

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