© Atelier für Fotografie René Rötheli,
Baden, Switzerland

PLÜ Restaurant. Grand Casino Baden

Between Present and Past

The new restaurant “PLÜ Restaurant and Lounge” in the Grand Casino Baden enhances a place located between past and present. Baden-based Atelier West Architekten created a “blossoming” winter garden in a five-month renovation.

Noble materials and intense colours took over to reconnect with the garden that existed in the past. In contrast with the dominantly stark white space that existed before the refurbishment, the new restaurant space transposes indoor the splendour of the surrounding park. The Grand Casino Baden vision emerged in the summer of 2018 with a modern and inviting restaurant design. In addition to creating a lounge, the restaurant received a new independent name. “PLÜ”, freely translated from the French word for “more”. Its two dots on the Ü visually symbolises the additional “more” feeling guests feel as soon as they enter.

Dane o projekcie

  • Architekt: Atelier West Architekten AG
  • Wykonawca: Deckisol AG
  • Klient: Grand Casino Baden
  • Prawa autorskie do fotografii: © Atelier für Fotografie René Rötheli

Informacje o projekcie

  • Sektor: Leisure
  • Typ pomieszczenia: Restaurant Area
  • Materiały: Mineral
  • © Atelier für Fotografie René Rötheli
  • © Atelier für Fotografie René Rötheli
  • © Atelier für Fotografie René Rötheli
  • © Atelier für Fotografie René Rötheli
  • © Atelier für Fotografie René Rötheli

PLÜ Restaurant, Grand Casino Baden, Switzerland

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