Kaunas, Lithuania

Furnishing Brand, River Hall Building

Aesthetics as Practicality, Functionality as Quality, Design as Value

Befitting one of the world’s most recognisable home furnishing and DIY giants, River Hall Building in Kaunas is as much about aesthetics as practicality, functionality as quality, design as value. Staying true to a strong brand with a firm commitment to sustainable development, the team needed to create durable, long-lasting, continuous ceilings that would lend an air of exclusivity and comfort to employees within a large office space.

In such an environment, acoustic performance is key. So, the team turned to a perforated METAL R-Clip F ceiling system with acoustic infill, suspended on U-Profile, to deliver high levels of sound absorption and a concealed monolithic appearance. The Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver solution’s demountable tiles also enabled easy access to the plenum space, simplifying and streamlining maintenance – making it even more practical, and helping the building adhere to the highest standards of design, service integration, wellbeing and sustainability.

Dane o projekcie

  • Architekt: G. Natkevicus & Parneriai, UAB
  • Klient: Sirin Development, UAB
  • Prawa autorskie do fotografii: © Szymon Polański

Informacje o projekcie

  • Sektor: Office
  • Typ pomieszczenia: Office
  • Materiały: Metal
[Translate to PL:] METAL R-Clip F, Lg 25042, Global White
[Translate to PL:] METAL R-Clip F, Lg 25042, Global White
[Translate to PL:] METAL R-Clip F, Lg 25042, Global White

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