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2023 German Sustainability
Design Award Finalist

With its HERADESIGN® brand, Knauf Ceiling Solutions has made it to the German Sustainability Design Award finals. The winners of this award will be announced on December 1st, 2022.

Nominated by the jury of the competition were HERADESIGN® wood wool Micro surfaced acoustic panels.

The jury's justification statement highlighted how the single-layered, magnesite-bound HERADESIGN® Micro wood wool acoustic panel is produced according to a zero-waste concept. 

It means that all waste resulting in the course of the production process is directly recycled. For instance, the sawdust from cutting the logs serves as the base for the visible, hard panel surface.

German Sustainability Award Design 2023
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Using its recalcination system, Knauf Ceiling Solutions can reuse up to 50% of the binding agent from old panels and off-cuts.

As a result, it saves resources and reduces waste. The recycling process involves our customers removing installation off-cuts.

It demonstrates consistent and sustainable thinking: an exciting image by which Knauf Ceiling Solutions motivates the industry to rethink sustainability.

We are thrilled about being nominated for these finals. This event once again honours our goal, pressed ahead with know-how and investment, to include true sustainability in our products, implement Cradle to Cradle Certified® principles and, at the same time, reach appealing aesthetics.

Carsten Pohl / Commercial Director D/A/CH & Nordic Countries

Carsten Pohl will participate in the award ceremony in December on behalf of Knauf Ceiling Solutions. 

Since 2020, the German Sustainability Design Award has honoured products, systems and services from companies which lead the way with good examples of consistent sustainable design.

The awarded designs guide the search for sustainable alternatives and greatly contribute to the change towards a more sustainable society.

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