Let’s Be Clinical About Hygiene

Healthcare environments are under constant scrutiny, going through continual changes to provide the best possible environments for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Through the implementation of major investment programmes, the standard of healthcare buildings, medical equipment and patient care is going through constant refinement.  

With the control of biocontamination and disinfection being paramount, Knauf Ceiling Solutions has developed a range of healthcare ceilings that have been built on the dedication required to create a proven solution. Majority of our products are easily cleanable.

Keep Workers and Patients Safe

The building materials used in healthcare and hygiene environments must be fire safe and non-toxic. Our acoustic products are highly resilient to fire.

They also have the best indoor climate accreditations: VOC A+, Formaldehyde (E1) and Indoor Air Comfort Gold accredited.

Maintain the Highest Hygiene Levels

Effective hygiene and cleaning in hygiene-led premises reduce cross-infection.

Add to that easy-to-clean products, and you'll have access to a full range of hygiene solutions to keep spaces spotless.

Increase Wellbeing with Natural Light

Daylight can improve patient wellbeing and influence workers' mood.

With their excellent light reflectance and diffusion, our solutions reduce the need for artificial light and capitalise on sunlight to save energy.

  • Natural daylight has numerous benefits in healthcare environments, such as reducing patient in-time. Shallow plan design, and the continuous plane of a suspended ceiling with high light reflectance, will enable natural light to penetrate far into the building, aiding both patients and staff. 

  • It is vital healthcare environments meet rigorous safety standards. They need to be safe and accessible for everyone, including those with limited mobility.  

  • In healthcare premises it’s crucial to focus on antimicrobial performance. With the presence of infectious agents and vulnerable patients, keeping the building as hygienic as possible is fundamental in preventing the spread of disease. 

Performance Products


Our range of acoustic ceilings shares good light reflectance, sound attenuation, and hygiene properties and meets the demanding requirements of the healthcare & hygiene sectors.

All our products are cleanable and have a specific coating that limits the growth of bacteria.

Hygiene criteria and cleanability requirements are unique to each establishment. With its new range, Knauf Ceiling Solutions is the partner of choice to provide an adapted answer to any hygiene requirements, from the essential ones to the most advanced ones.


BIOGUARD products prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and yeast, sand prevent the settlement of bacteria on the surface of the tile.

The very smooth surface of BIOGUARD products limits the accumulation of dust and micro-organisms.

Hygiene: BIOGUARD range for recovery room in hospital - Average risk area (© Jakub Joachim)


MEDIGUARD is designed for places where superior hygiene requirements and intensive cleaning is required.

Thanks to its specific coating, MEDIGUARD prevents the growth of at least 8 bacteria and fungi***. MEDIGUARD is the solution for the most demanding spaces thanks to its inherent qualities.

Hygiene: MEDIGUARD range for operating theatres in hospital - Very High Risk Area (© Szymon Polański)


HYGENA provides standing-out acoustic and light reflectance properties.

Alongside great indoor air quality results, the range achieves CP5 particle decontamination rating.

Thanks to its specific coating, HYGENA limits the growth of bacteria**, making it a strong choice for hygiene and healthcare applications.

Hygiene: HYGENA range for laboratory (© Knauf Ceiling Solutions)

NF S 90-351:2013


Acoustic Absorption Features for Low Risk Areas

  • Posing the least threat in the spread of infection, low risk zones include hallways, offices and administrative areas, for which ISO-rated products are ideal.
  • Easy to clean, they also benefit from high acoustic absorption and provide confidentiality for private consultations.

Application Areas

  • Hall, corridor, stairwell, restaurant, office, administrative area, consultation room, examination room, shower, bathroom, kitchen, clean room area

Average Risk Areas with Design that Heals

  • From central sterilisation areas to pharmacies, the majority of healthcare environments consist of average risk zones.
  • Offering antimicrobial properties, hygiene related Knauf Ceiling Solutions products can be used in conjunction with suspensions solutions suitable for clean room application, to ensure these hospital ceilings are kept as hygienic as possible. 

Application Areas

  • Day hospital-oriented infectious recovery room, endoscopy, sterilisation, radiology, maternity, paediatrics, recovery room, ward

Antimicrobial Properties for High Risk Areas

  • High risk areas such as operating rooms, intensive care, treatment rooms, MRI, radiology and obstetrics require a hospital ceiling solution that doesn’t harbour bacteria, mould or yeasts.
  • Hygiene range products, combined with the clean room suitable grid, provide a highly efficient antimicrobial resolution. 

Application Areas

  • Operating room, intensive care, obstetrics and gynaecology, urology, plastic surgery, haematology, chemotherapy, surgery, radiology, MRI

State-of-the-Art Hospital Ceilings in Very High Risk Areas  

  • Invasive zones where people are most vulnerable, range from an operating theatre, burns unit and neurosurgery, to a premature and special care baby unit or abnormal delivery room.
  • Installing high performance hygiene range mineral or metal solutions, along with a clean room suitable grid, guarantees that the strictest hygiene measures are in place. 

Application Areas

  • Operating theatre, burns unit, neurosurgery, aseptic room, premature and special care baby unit, abnormal delivery room

Specific Performances


Clean Rooms 


Clean Rooms are essential for medical research and pharmaceutical production.

They enable different parameters, such as particle number, germ number, temperature, humidity, and pressure to be precisely monitored and controlled. This ensures that the existing air and intake air has a high purity and fulfils all cleanliness criteria.

Using our specialist coating range, these sterile environments can help protect patients and ensure the quality of medical products. 

Armstrong BIOGUARD PLAIN Mineral Ceiling Tile

* Product availability may vary from country to country. Please contact your local sales representative.

** HYGENA tested against: Escherichia coli / Staphylococcus aureus / Candida albicans / Aspergillus niger (except HYGENA  Aquatec)

*** MEDIGUARD tested against: Escherichia coli / Staphylococcus aureus / Bacillus cereus / Streptococcus pneumoniaie / Acinobacter baumanii / Klebsiella pneumoniaie / Candida albicans / Aspergillus brasiliensis