Quick and simple planning of comfortable room acoustics

The Knauf Ceiling Solutions Acoustics Calculator helps you create a comfortable and safe room experience. Acoustic planning is based on internationally approved standards such as DIN 18041, BB93, or NF S 31-080. By using multiple parameters, you can easily define the use, type, geometry, and furnishing of the room, providing a perfect basis for designing suitable ceiling and wall solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the simplified calculation method (Sabine's formula T=0.163*V/A), the basic parameters of the room acoustics can be calculated. Depending on the application and room use, this usually includes the reverberation time, built-in equivalent absorption surface or sound level reduction.

  • DIN 18041 (March 2016) 

  • ÖNORM B 8115-3 (July 2023) 

  • Building Bulletin 93 (December 2014) 

  • Arrêté du 25 avril 2003 (Établissement d'enseignement et de santé) 

  • NF S 31-080 (January 2006)

The calculator provides all room types that are included in the respective standards (e.g. classrooms, open-plan offices, intensive care units, etc.). 

You define the room geometry individually by entering the length, width and height for square and L-shaped rooms. It is also possible to design any floor plan with a constant height.

Yes, in addition to the selection of predefined raw ceilings and floors, it is also possible to add floor coverings, walls, windows, doors, and furniture to the design. Every additional surface influences the overall acoustic effect of a room and serves as a reference for the selection of suitable ceiling and wall absorbers.

Yes, each surface (walls, ceiling, floor) can be individually assigned and, if necessary, further subdivided and covered with different materials.

Knauf Ceiling Solutions also offers ceiling and wall solutions in Mineral and Wood Wool materials within the Acoustic Calculator. In addition to modular, revisable ceilings, the use of so-called single absorbers such as baffles, canopies and wall absorbers is also possible.

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