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Knauf Ceiling Solutions

We believe that the ceiling is an integral part of every interior space.

It helps give us a wonderful sense of wellbeing and safety. A seamless connection between form and function, it enhances and protects the spaces in which we live, work, recover and grow. It balances acoustics, provides healthy air to breathe and influences how we think and feel. 

Create Safe Spaces to Heal, Work, Learn, Live & Play


ADAGIO is the product of world-leading experience in ceiling design.

Of cutting-edge thinking in everything from light reflectance to acoustics, sustainability to design flexibility. It’s a premium system built on the highest standards for better design, better installation and better spaces.

That’s why ADAGIO can take your ceilings to the next level.

Insights and Innovations with Knauf Ceiling Solutions.

Find the answer to design and sustainability challenges and learn about our latest ceiling and wall solutions. 

If you missed the Insights & innovations webinar, you can watch it now.


Welcome to Think Bigger Together, the webinar series helping to bring innovative ceiling designs to life.

Our Think Bigger philosophy promotes bigger ambition and bigger creativity. We collaborate with industry-leading architects, planners, contractors and distributors, to build closer relationships and drive innovation. We are sharing our most ambitious projects with you, because together, we can transform how we work, socialise, interact with one another, and move through a space.

If you missed the virtual launch event, you can watch it now.
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