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Two of the world’s most recognised ceiling manufacturers have combined strengths to offer the best of both in one market-leading brand.

With a new harmonised product portfolio, Knauf Ceiling Solutions can offer customers greater diversity and endless possibilities. An innovator in sustainable design and functionality, our solutions enable architects, planners, distributors and contractors to experience more choice, more inspiration and more support.

Ultimately, it is our customers who create the perfect space using our products. Entering an open dialogue and offering the utmost transparency, we provide the best global customer service with personal contact partners, on-site support, efficient online tools and digital processes. We strive to inspire them, offer ideas and help turn their exciting ideas into reality.

We are multi-material providers and underline this by dividing our harmonised portfolio of proven product brands into four categories: Mineral Solutions, Metal Solutions, Wood & Wood Wool Solutions and System Solutions.

Using economies of scale for the efficient production of smart ceiling systems, we enhance them with custom solutions. We step up our efforts to actively approach customers and communicate the added value factors of our service-driven mentality, consulting quality and specialist sales. Acting as a key partner and vital link between architects, planners and installers.

Pioneers in digitalisation and precision, we take pride in our world-leading, state-of-the-art production sites and logistics network. Always setting new benchmarks as a driver of innovation, our unrivalled portfolio offers unique products for an ever-evolving market. Complete with the technical know-how and feet on the ground to deliver custom design solutions.

The sustainability of our brand is emphasised by certifications, energy-efficient production and zero-waste processes. We have the utmost responsibility for the environment, as well as for our actions towards the wellbeing of customers and employees. By embodying the best of two worlds and building on our long-standing experience, Knauf Ceiling Solutions is setting the standard for safety, comfort, efficiency and performance.

Get ready to experience more, with a new supply partner of choice for ambitious projects worldwide.

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