The path to purchase is never straightforward. There’s a world of factors along the way that can sway a decision. And a major one of these is the retail environment – and the experience it creates.  

Whether it’s a supermarket or convenience store, shopping mall or showroom, food court or fashion boutique, the design of the shop ceiling is integral to the shopper experience – and we should treat this experience like any other we’d desire to have.  

It should be comfortable and easily navigable, but it should also surprise, excite, entertain and entice.  

The materials, technologies and techniques we use in the shop ceiling to create our retail environments are vital for making this happen. Visually arresting design features; playful manipulation of light and shade, colour and shape; bright, open and airy room plans; intuitive pathways, and acoustically comfortable, unintimidating spaces to encourage customer interaction and streamline the sales process. All of these play their part in a positive shopper experience.  

By blending functionality with flair, great shop ceilings, doesn’t just breathe fresh life into brands in the real world – it shapes a retail experience that people will enjoy, share and remember.