Healthcare & Hygiene

Healthcare places huge demands on architecture — no matter if it’s a waiting room in a local surgery or the intense environment of the operating theatre.

In every space, there’s a host of considerations critical to lives. The most vital element is, of course, creating a space that’s conducive to healthcare — hygienically clean, performing at the antimicrobial level, using materials and technologies that enhance indoor air quality and minimise emissions, and safeguarding patients and caregivers alike through robust fire protection.

Going beyond this, it’s our responsibility to design environments that actively aid the healing process. Hospital ceilings are critical in this mission. Given the proven importance of natural light to wellbeing, our healthcare spaces must be bright and open, with high levels of light reflectance that makes the most of window space. Acoustically, too, these spaces need to absorb and attenuate noise, providing peace, quiet and tranquillity for people to rest and recover. Ultimately, healthcare environments need to be perfectly attuned to their purpose, functionally and aesthetically.

Clean and simple, bright and welcoming, calm and comfortable. Everything it takes for doctors to perform and patients to recover — and all the ingredients to create the perfect spaces for healing.