Let There Be Light

Light Reflectance 

It’s true to say that we’re often shaped by the environment we inhabit. The better our surroundings, the better we feel.

Knauf Ceiling Solutions has a variety of high light-reflecting products that bounce natural light back in to create brighter spaces.

Returning more daylight reduces the need for indirect lighting, saves energy and results in happier, more effective places to work, heal and learn.  

Plenty to Reflect On


Our high light-reflecting ceiling tiles enhance the benefits of indirect lighting by improving overall uniformity, returning up to 88% of the light back into the space, compared to 75% with standard ceilings.  

New, energy-saving lighting often overlooks the integral role of the ceiling. A highly reflective ceiling – Light Reflectance of 83% or greater – makes these lighting systems, especially indirect lighting more effective, while further reducing energy costs and consumption by as much as 20%. 

Ceiling systems are a key element of energy conservation. A well-designed ceiling with high light reflectance improves space illumination, allowing for fewer light fixtures, a reduced electrical light output, lower maintenance costs and a reduced cooling load. 

Daylight and electrical lighting represent the two primary sources of lighting in the workplace. The light reflectance of the ceiling, floor and wall surfaces play the second most important role in the overall illumination of the room, directly affecting working comfort and productivity

Ceilings with high light reflectance, returning up to 88% of the light back into the space, can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%

Office Relaxation Space with Armstrong METAL Q-Clip ceilings from Knauf Ceiling Solutions installed

Benefits of High Light Reflectance Ceilings


  • Light reflectance saves up to 20% of costs with indirect lighting 

  • Total building energy savings up to 11% 

  • 7% savings in cooling system energy 

  • High light reflectance ceilings contribute to LEED®, BREEAM, HQE, DGNB, Ska and Well credits by improving visual comfort