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Wittlich, Germany

Hieronimi Building Material Supplier Branch Office

Visually And Acoustically Optimised Offices at Hieronimi Branch Renovation.



A Showroom For Acoustical Ceilings

The building material supplier Hieronimi, headquartered in Faid, has hit two birds with one stone during the renovation of their Wittlich local branch. The new offices were designed to be visually impressive and acoustically optimised with the installation of a variety ceiling systems. In addition, customers can now see the different ceiling solutions first-hand in this showroom.

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Breaking free from the limitations of brochures and samples, we have created an immersive environment where customers can truly appreciate the visual and acoustic impact of various ceiling solutions. We wanted to provide our clients with a unique experience by allowing them to witness the materials in their installed state.

Philip Kranz / Hieronimi Manager, Wittlich Branch Office

A Variety Of Materials and Design

During the modernisation, it was important to create a pleasant and comfortable room environment that allows focused and peaceful working.

For this reason, the AMF THERMATEX® Acoustic mineral ceiling tile was used, which impresses with its combination of high sound absorption (αw 0.65 (H)) and excellent sound attenuation
(38 dB). The installtion in a semi-concealed grid system with an elegant shadow gap also ensures an eye-catching ceiling appearance.

Both the AMF THERMATEX® Acoustic and the high-absorbing AMF TOPIQ® Prime mineral ceiling, which were also used in the offices, are characterised by the white, homogeneous acoustic fleece. The fleece is on the visible side of the tiles and has a very high light reflection (88%) creating a natural and efficient lighting environment.

For those seeking a touch of creativity, three rooms have been showcased with HERADESIGN® Creative effect wood wool acoustic panels, conveying completely different impressions. Distinctive for this solution are the acoustic panels with regular ("Groove") and irregular patterns ("Bubbles" and "Turtles"). The milling technique employed has crafted shadow gaps, introducing depth and character to the ceilings. The ceilings at Hieronimi boast their distinctive design, thanks to the expressive Superfine surface and the selected RAL 7040 (Window Gray) and 7016 (Anthracite Gray) colours.

To complete the range, a smaller office has been outfitted with the timeless HERADESIGN® Superfine wood wool acoustic panels in Natural colour. All wood wool acoustic panels were installed
in grid system B (screw mounting).

Captivate The Customers’ Imagination

"Through this creative surface design and the array of design options, our customers in Wittlich are infused with fresh design inspiration and express great positivity about the expansive
presentation in its installed state," explains Branch Manager Philip Kranz. The installation of these ceiling systems has not only elevated the visual appeal but also significantly improved the acoustic environment for employees. The reduction in noise levels, particularly during phone calls at multiple desks, has been greatly appreciated. This was one of the reasons why the opportunity was seized to design the employees' new offices as "showrooms".

The skilled team at Schuh & Jonas GmbH in Salmtal handled all ceiling works, including the substructures. They used DONN® DX3 in matt black for ceiling panels with a Vector edge, while systems with a Board edge were installed with AMF VENTATEC® T-24 suspension system, creating an environment that combines great visuals and acoustics. Inspired by the success, Hieronimi plans to convert other branch offices and meeting rooms into additional showrooms, showcasing their expertise in acoustic ceilings. Hieronimi and Knauf Ceiling Solutions have redefined the way we envision contemporary workspaces, and they invite you to join them on this exciting journey.

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  • © Lukas Huneke

As a renowned building material supplier, Hieronimi has been a long-standing partner of Knauf Ceiling Solutions for many years. It was a logical step to equip the newly designed offices with our products. The employees actively participated in the selection of materials and designs, ensuring the final result met their needs and preferences.

Simon Schmider / Area Sales Manager, Knauf Ceiling Solutions