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Groningen, Netherlands


For work, growth and connection.

Iederz Has Crafted a Bright, Tranquil Space




Iederz, the social development company of the municipality of Groningen, plays a pivotal role in assisting individuals distanced from the labour market to embark on their journey towards employment.

Focusing on specialised packaging, assembling, and assembly services, Iederz caters to a diverse array of clients and products, encompassing OTC medicines, food items, non-food products, and even animal feed. 

Iederz empowers individuals with skills, fostering self-reliance through compassionate sheltered work and personal growth.

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Smart Buildings Opportunities

Olga de Jong, Quality Manager at Iederz and Head of the New-Build Project Team, speaks passionately about the newly rated 5A+ building: "Building during the pandemic had a significant impact. On the one hand, it was challenging due to the difficulties in working and communicating during those years. However, it also presented an advantage as there was heightened focus on climate control and air treatment during the pandemic, and we could incorporate those considerations into the construction. This is particularly crucial for our employees as they are more sensitive to poor air quality.

Numerous innovative solutions were conceived and implemented. Even before employees enter, the building's rooms receive a fresh air infusion to avoid a CO2 peak when operations commence. Additionally, the air is recirculated, resulting in cost-efficient heating. The roof boasts 1,850 solar panels, and the lights are automatically turned off when rooms are vacated. The installation of air socks prevents discomfort from drafts for our employees.

However, our innovations extend further. We have the ability to set different rooms to over- and under-pressure. For instance, when working with allergens, we create a negative pressure environment to contain the allergens within the room. The building's modular design offers flexibility in layout, enabling us to cater to various types of work. As the world evolves, so do we."

Our employees must be able to work comfortably and develop optimally. We wanted a spacious building that appears fresh, with ample daylight, serene colours, and a high level of security.

Olga de Jong / Quality Manager & Head of Project Team Iederz, Groningen

Successful Project Cooperation

The new building measures 16,500m² and comprises 13 production halls, 10 of which adhere to HACCP standards. It currently employs 450 people with capacity for 600. The building is municipally owned and was realised through a public tender process.

The winning bid for the tender came from BAM Regio Noord and De Unie Architecten based in Groningen. For the ceilings, Griemink Klazienaveen was selected as the contractor. Groundwork commenced in late 2021, and by early 2023, Iederz inaugurated the doors to the new facility.

All parties collaborated effectively, resulting in a swift and efficient construction process. BAM played a pivotal role by ensuring the availability of building materials.

  • Municipality Groningen (iederz)
  • De Unie Architecten, Groningen
  • BAM Bouw en Techniek - Integrale Projecten Noord, Groningen
  • Griemink Systeemplafonds BV, Klazienaveen
  • 8,900m²
  • 2023
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Ceilings And Solutions

The relationship, excellent products, and a good proposal have significantly contributed to the new premises. Within the building, you experience tranquillity despite the presence of many people. The ceiling plays a pivotal role in achieving this ambience. The premises are equipped with high-quality mineral ceiling tiles, including PERLA OP 0.95* and HYGENA Acoustic 15mm, in combination with the Q-line suspension system.

HYGENA Acoustic 15mm is a notable product from the health and hygiene range. Thanks to the offerings from this line, individuals feel comfortable within a secure and healthful environment. At Iederz, these products have been deployed, especially in HACCP areas.

This project involves products that are ideally suited for this building in terms of light reflection, health, and acoustics. The board tiles are easy to install, moisture-resistant, offer high light reflection, and boast excellent acoustics. PERLA OP 0.95* is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze, a choice that has contributed to the building's impressive 5A+ rating. The ceiling further enhances the superior indoor climate with a classification of M1, the highest indoor comfort rating.

The uniform, continuous ceilings throughout lend a sense of calmness, creating a serene environment for those who traverse and operate within. The lighting scheme adds a touch of vitality. Some ceilings and light boxes have been repurposed from the previous premises, amplifying the sustainability of the construction.

(*not available in Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, UK, Ireland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.)

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The new premises assist Iederz in achieving unity, improved performance, and a heightened societal impact.

Olga de Jong / Quality Manager & Head of Project Team iederz, Groningen

Pride and Inspiration

"Our employees don't favour change, but soon we received predominantly super enthusiastic responses. They take pride in Iederz. Employees express their interest in exploring different roles, as they can truly visualise and connect with them in the new building. I believe it's a successful project, and we're immensely content with the outcome.

The building serves as an inspiration. And of utmost significance: our customers visit and express their desire to engage in more collaborative work with us. They witness our facilities, experience our quality, observe our certifications, recognise our sustainability efforts, and are compelled to be a part of it. The new premises assist Iederz in achieving unity, improved performance, and a heightened societal impact."