Creating Sound Spaces with ELEGANZA™

Knauf Ceiling Solutions has taken a seamless approach to refresh its *ELEGANZA™ Acoustic Ceiling System offer.

The latest ELEGANZA™ brochure focuses on how ELEGANZA™ contributes towards sustainable, acoustic and visual comfort to create bright, welcoming spaces that minimise unwelcome noise.

Available in white or a variety of RAL colours, ELEGANZA™, blends bright, seamless visuals to please the eye, Class A sound absorption to cater for the ear and Indoor Air Comfort Gold to deliver healthier interiors. It’s the perfect balance of sight and sound, beauty and performance – a surface that quietly enhances the spaces around people, improving their physical experience of them.

Discover our new Eleganza™ brochure!

Quick, flexible and cost effective to install on Rapid’Fix grid with standard compatible accessories, means ELEGANZA™ is also designed for another sense: common sense.

Noise is indeed something we all live with – but, with the right focus, control and consideration, we can restore happiness, effectiveness and wellbeing in offices, hotels, restaurants and homes.

It’s quite apparent that our cities are becoming more densely populated and noisier. Many high-rise apartments, offices and hotels are sat on top of bustling gyms, restaurants and bars. In turn, these buildings are surrounded by all the intrusions of city life.

© Marcel van Hoorn

To prevent this cacophony from bringing down the quality of life, it’s clear that our buildings need to help soak up this noise better. In this respect, ELEGANZA™ is truly designed for the senses, reducing the noise from external sources while absorbing sound internally too.”

Giuliano Chiovetta / Mineral Product Manager, Knauf Ceiling Solutions

*Eleganza is available in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Switzerland only.