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We leap forward in our engagement toward innovation, sustainability, and improved acoustic performance with the extension of our groundbreaking HERADESIGN® Alpha+ product line. 

Wood Wool ceilings have gained recognition for their appealing visual appearance, excellent acoustic performances, and inherent advantages in terms of sustainability.

Building upon the success of the range already available, this extension to the HERADESIGN® Alpha+ line brings a new panel thickness and two fire-resistant options, marking another significant milestone in the field of acoustic ceiling solutions

Placing Acoustic Performance at the Forefront


The HERADESIGN® Alpha+ range blends high acoustic performances with versatile design and environmental awareness.

At its core, our product seamlessly brings together the natural qualities of wood wool panels with the benefits of an acoustic fleece laminated onto the panel's rear surface. 

This innovation improves the acoustic properties (up to class A) of the wood wool panels, keeping their sleek appearance and ending the necessity for added layers of mineral wool. 

Expanding Your Creative Horizon with More Design Options


The HERADESIGN® Alpha+ is extended with a 35mm panel thickness for HERADESIGN® Superfine and Fine products. Alongside the existing 15mm and 25mm versions, this new option will empower you with more choices to find the perfect design for every project. The new panel thickness now allows for installation in the VK-10 and VK-10/5 edge design, enabling a concealed, homogeneous, and demountable wood wool ceiling solution. 

The product line is also ideal for areas with high load demands on ceilings and walls, meeting the highest ball impact resistance according to EN 13964 Annex D with its 25mm and 35mm panel thicknesses.

With this expansion, we are providing architects, planners, and specialist contractors with more application options while meeting the highest acoustic requirements.

Peter Brunner / Global Product Manager Wood Wool, Knauf Ceiling Solutions

Improved Fire Protection


With a strong focus on safety and a strict adherence to the leading regulations of the industry, we have subjected the entire HERADESIGN® Alpha+ range to thorough fire resistance testing, and are achieving Euroclass B1-s1, d0 as per EN 13501-1. 

This commitment has led to the addition of two non-combustible choices in our product line: HERADESIGN® Fine A2 Alpha+ and Superfine A2 Alpha+. These panels are certified with Euroclass A2-s1, d0 fire rating. Beyond improving fire protection, they also introduce enhanced flexibility for planning and safe installation. 

Ecological and Installation Benefits


The inclusion of acoustic fleece in the HERADESIGN® Alpha+ range marks a departure from the usual bulky mineral wool layers often found in the ceiling void. This simple change makes maintenance, disassembly and recycling easier than ever. 

This environmentally friendly adjustment results in a reduced carbon footprint. By dropping the added acoustic layer and decreasing the product thickness, we improve the transportation efficiency and help reduce CO2 emissions at the same time. This is another concrete example of our engagement toward sustainability. 

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