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Ball Impact Resistant

In public sports halls, schools and kindergartens, in newly constructed and remodelled buildings alike, there is an increasing desire and requirement for ball impact resistant ceilings. Incorporating HERADESIGN® Ball Impact Resistant wood wool panels, Knauf Ceiling Solutions offers a new ball-proof T-Grid system, precisely tailored to those needs.

The centre of attention sits on a visible insertion installation (grid ceiling) for HERADESIGN® panels for ball impact safety classes 1A and 3A according to EN 13964 Annex D.

The newly developed installation system offers a solid and reliable ball impact resistant solution for sports halls. It meets the high requirements in terms of ball impact resistance according to the currently valid class 1A when using HERADESIGN® products with a thickness of 25 mm. With this system ball impact resistant grid ceilings in various school and kindergarten rooms can also be created. Here, the requirements of class 3A apply, which are also met with HERADESIGN® acoustic panels that are 15mm thick.

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions
© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

System Components for the Classes 1A and 3A

Called into action are the surfaces Superfine, Superfine A2, Fine, Fine A2 and Micro from the HERADESIGN® panel portfolio. In the ball impact resistance class 1A, the SK-04 edge design and the DONN® DX 35 rail are part of the system, here engineered with spacers and safety pins. For class 3A, depending on the panel type, the rails DONN® DX3 24mm, PRELUDE® 24XL or VENTATEC® Performance T24 are used, in connection with the SK-04 edge design. In this case, the panels are secured with holding clamps.