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New HERADESIGN® Complete Ceiling Element for Corridors

Technical installations in corridors and hallways often make difficult or hinder the use of necessary suspensions for HERADESIGN® panel substructures. For these cases, Knauf Ceiling Solutions has developed HERADESIGN® Corridor — a free-span complete element consisting of an individually detachable wood wool panel, support profile and edge angle.

A HERADESIGN® Corridor element consists of a 25mm thick wood wool panel with two grooves milled into the back on the long sides. The support profiles (DONN DX 35/70) are designed to be inserted into these grooves.

For each construction project, their length can be individually adapted exactly to the actual length of the panel. The ceiling element for free-span installation is 600mm wide and from 1.2mm up to a maximum of 2.4m long. In the A2 range for fire prevention requirements, lengths of up to 2.1m are possible. The edge angle for this system is  stepped (SRW 42/20/23/24), with a material thickness of 1.5mm.

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions
© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

Complete HERADESIGN® Colour Spectrum Possible

In terms of surface finishes two options are available:

  • HERADESIGN® Corridor Superfine that offers a premium, filigree look and feel with a fiber width of 1mm;
  • HERADESIGN® Corridor Fine with a 2 mm fibre width that conveys a more robust, strong character. Both panels are also available in A2 fire-proof versions.

The wide range of colors characteristic for HERADESIGN® wood wool acoustic panels, with almost all RAL or NCS shades, is also available in its entirety for the new Corridor ceiling elements. Furthermore, eight special, trendy shades from "Granite" to "Concrete", each guided and inspired by natural materials are available.

The easy-to-install free-span design with individually detachable panels facilitates easy access to the ceiling cavities.