Introducing Our New Corporate Brochure

Space For Your Ideas

At Knauf Ceiling Solutions, we’re dedicated to improving the quality of life for people across the globe, and in all types of spaces in which we live, work, recover and grow.

In today’s world, things move fast, and our customers need an industry-leading, go-to partner to help meet their demanding project needs.

They need optimised, sustainable spaces, superior comfort, enhanced aesthetics, increased performance and cost effectiveness – all at the same time.

By embodying the best of two worlds and building on our long-standing experience, Knauf Ceiling Solutions has introduced a new corporate brochure to illustrate our commitment to delivering design-led, on-trend, multi-material ceiling system solutions.


This is underpinned with a best in class, customer centric service that covers every aspect of your project needs, from consulting and implementation to bespoke, tailor-made designs.

To find out more about our philosophy, system solutions and services or to explore how we can meet your project expectations, download our brochure now.