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Ethos of Think Bigger

Think Bigger, Creating Better

Architects, planners, distributors. We all look at interior spaces differently.
It’s what makes each project so unique and exciting. 

With our broad expertise and the most versatile range of ceiling and wall materials worldwide, we are helping customers to challenge convention, think outside the box and see the bigger picture. Our unrivalled product portfolio offers all the innovation and inspiration you need to create endless possibilities.

Pioneers in digitalization and precision, we take great pride in our world-leading, state-of-the-art production sites and logistics network, to deliver the best customer service. Building closer relationships at every stage in the supply chain, we can support your project from conception to realisation and beyond.

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Combining over 150 years of specialist experience with continued investment in sustainable growth across new markets, Knauf Ceiling Solutions is thinking bigger than ever before. 

Together, we’re changing the way we think about ceilings. We’re thinking ahead. Thinking about the environments we inhabit. Thinking about the future of our planet. How we work. How we play. How we relax. How we protect. 

Following on from our Think Bigger Together launch event, we will be hosting four further webinars, focusing on System Solutions, Offices, Education and Healthcare. So, let’s join together in thinking bigger and creating better.

Watch our launch presentation here:

Think Bigger Together Webinar