In Case You Missed It!

Think Bigger Together Webinar Launch

We Were Live! 

The Think Bigger Together webinar launch took a lot of planning and teamwork, and we couldn’t be prouder to announce that the positive reviews are still flooding in.  

Firstly, we’d like to mention that we were truly in awe of the viewing figures on the day, demonstrating the industry-wide desire to advance the conversation on sustainable ceiling and wall design. 

In Case you Missed It...


We recently launched the first webinar in our five-part series, taking a closer look at our unique multi-material approach to smart ceiling and wall installations.   

Keep reading to discover some of the standout highlights from the launch event. Alternatively, there is still time to catch up – click Think Bigger Together for direct access to everything you’ve missed.  

Think Bigger Together Webinar

Thinking Bigger about Unique Products and Network Solutions


In the opening speech, we explore how our unrivalled product portfolio offers a range of design solutions, taking the broad factors of form and function into consideration.   

Themes include:  

  • Product range – We introduce how our unrivalled product range offers design solutions across multiple architectural considerations, including acoustics, hygiene, and durability.  
  • Product benefits – Discover the wide-ranging benefits of our unique product portfolio, including increased concentration levels through sound attenuation and much more.  
  • Geographically diverse distribution network – Our international network consists of multiple state-of-the-art distribution centres (located across Europe and Asia), with global access to over 2,100 project specialists.   

Thinking about the Environment


Dramatic and unique designs that nurture tangible and positive change can only come from challenging conventions and thinking outside the box.
That's why the second speech in the four-part webinar covers the related topics of how we can think bigger on material choice and the environment.     

Themes include:  

  • Environment – Learn how environmental considerations impact our design choices.  

  • Possibilities – Discover the problem-solving possibilities of our multi-material approach.  

  • Imagination – Challenging conventions to achieve meaningful progress begins with imagination.

Thinking Bigger about Project Collaboration


In the penultimate talk of the four-part webinar, we reveal why we are the supply partner of choice for ambitious ceiling and wall installation projects worldwide.  
Advancing the conversation in architectural thought-leadership means paying close attention to the big picture. Our collaborations with forward thinking partners turn today’s imaginative designs into the ceiling and wall installations of tomorrow.  

Themes include:  

  • Collaboration – We're working closer than ever before with architects, planners, distributors, and contractors to deliver sustainable project choices.  

  • Projects – We're delivering high-performance bespoke solutions through ambitious projects that focus on product sustainability, environmental impact, and comfort.

Thinking Bigger about the Future


The final talk in the first of five Think Bigger Together webinars, we focus on the future of the industry as we see it. The time has come for us all to ask bigger questions about the role of sustainable architecture in future of our planet.   

Themes include:  

  • Future – How we source and recycle building materials while maintaining a fast-moving and efficient supply chain is key to the future of sustainable ceiling and wall design.   

Through our unbounded ambition and our carbon neutral ethos, we’re combining design and function to create inspiring ceiling and wall installations that think bigger about people and the environment.

More from Think Bigger Together - Coming Soon


We’re exploring our Think Bigger Together ethos across multi-themed webinars spanning a five-part series.
We’re inspiring positive change in the way that key industry players think about sustainable design in architecture, and we hope you can join us. 


Webinars coming soon: 

  • System Solutions 

  • Healthcare (Acoustic, Design & Hygiene) 

  • Office (Acoustic, Design & Sustainability)  

  • Education (Acoustic, Design & Sustainability)  


We’ll be communicating the details very soon – stay up to date with us on social media for all the latest news and announcements!