Mineral Tiles Recycling Programme

As part of its sustainable development strategy and in compliance with the PMCB EPR scheme in France (Extended Producer Responsibility), Knauf Ceiling Solutions is implementing a programme to recycle its mineral tiles from end-of-life products or construction site off-cuts.

Join us now in our endeavor to safeguard the future by selecting Knauf Ceiling Solutions as your essential partner in the circular economy.

What Mineral Tiles Can We Recycle?

  • Ceiling tiles made in Pontarlier (France) from 2019 onwards

  • Ceiling tiles manufactured in Grafenau (Germany) after the 1st January of 2000.

  • Marking: AMF, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, Knauf Ceiling Solutions

Our recycling programme in 5 steps

  • Contact the Knauf Ceiling Solutions site in Pontarlier via the email address [email protected]
  • Complete the Acceptance Form, provided by the Pontarlier site for the waste to be recycled.
  • Receive confirmation of your acceptance request.
  • Make an appointment for the delivery of the waste to be recycled and organise transport to our production site at your expense.
  • Receive your recycling certificate once the waste has been recovered.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • We attach great importance to our commitment to a circular and sustainable economy.
  • By taking part, you contribute to preserving the environment by reducing waste and promoting material reuse. You will receive a recycling certificate as evidence of your environmental commitment, which can be utilised in specific aspects of the HQE approach.

  • No, only the mineral tiles manufactured in France in Pontarlier from 2019 and ceiling tiles manufactured in Germany in Grafenau after 1 January 2000 are covered.

    Manufactured by: AMF, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, Knauf Ceiling Solutions.


    Yes, you will only need to cover the cost of transporting the waste to our production site in Pontarlier.

  • No, there is no obligation to join the programme, participation is voluntary.