Metal Solutions

When we think bigger, we also think bolder.

And one of the best ways to deliver cutting-edge interior design is by installing a contemporary metal or mesh ceilings. It helps you create a modern, aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, enhanced by acoustic performances.

Knauf Ceiling Solutions’ metal ceilings offer an extensive choice of colours, shapes and perforation patterns for outstanding aesthetics and effective acoustic comfort.  

High Performance Ceilings

A ceiling surface with fewer perforations has a higher light reflectance. You can choose from our standard perforations products or go bespoke. Available in a variety of colours, sizes and patterns, they provide the visual impact to make a big statement, as well as the durability to meet the daily demands of high traffic areas.  

Our metal ceiling systems have been tested for their acoustic performance in terms of sound absorption, flanking transmission and sound reduction. These performance values are determined by the perforation and the acoustic infill.

Please contact us for more information on the available factory fitted acoustic infill options. 


Metal ceiling tiles can be supplied with factory-produced cut-outs and apertures for the integration of building services equipment, whose installation should be approved by Knauf Ceiling Solutions. 

Vario Design Range


7 flexible layout possibilities to fit every space 

By using our custom metal capabilities, you can create a monolithic look with extra-wide metal panels or a radial effect with trapezoids, tailored to fit your space. Faceted, flat, or curved custom metal ceilings have the unique sizes, shapes, finishes and perforations to make your next project stand out. 


Our configurable and bespoke metal ceilings give architects and designers the creative freedom to shape their ambitions and create unique spaces. 


Exposed ceiling systems provide a modular aesthetic and are available in a variety of edge details.

Concealed ceiling solutions create a continuous, monolithic look by concealing all of the grid system.

Open cell metal tiles mask the plenum and provide 100% accessibility to lighting, ventilation and sprinklers with an homogeneous appearance.

Open up an almost endless range of dramatic design possibilities with canopies that can be suspended from any soffit.

Express a new narrative with vertical baffles and create a look to visually tell a story with a solution that will spark your imagination.

With easy installation and access to services, wall-to-wall corridor solutions require functionality to handle high traffic and design flexibility to connect key spaces seamlessly.

Walls solutions come in a variety of designs to provide a stunning visual durable enough for high-impact or high traffic areas. Coordinate with ceilings and other interior finishes to create signature spaces.

RAL Colours

RAL 9010
RAL 9003
RAL 9005
RAL 9006
RAL 9007
RAL 9016

Wood Effects on Metal

Natural Bamboo
Caramel Bamboo
American Cherry
American Walnut

Perforations & Cut-Outs

Build character in your space 

In a world stimulated by style, Knauf Ceiling Solutions’ bespoke ceiling systems inspire architects and designers to create stunning aesthetics and intimate spaces. 

With a rich metal portfolio and multi-material approach, you can explore inspiring geometric patterns, vibrant colours and a variety of perforations to meet your project ambitions. 

Metal perforated ceiling solutions offer a wide range of design options and when installed with an acoustic infill, provide excellent acoustic comfort with a bright and beautiful interior finish. 

METAL Premium Acoustic Solutions


In addition to the standard acoustic fleece, Knauf Ceiling Solutions offers a range of Vario Design acoustic solutions: Premium OP19 for a high absorption.

Premium OP19 is factory-fitted, allowing for an easy and simple installation from the carton directly into the ceiling grid.

The precise bonding of our metal ceiling solutions with Premium OP19 reduces “pattern staining” and filter effect associated with incorrectly fitted mineral wool acoustic pads.

  • Premium OP19 is a 19mm thick acoustic infill solution for standard Knauf Ceiling Solutions metal ceiling tiles and panels. It provides a high sound absorption performance, achieving up to Class A.
  • Acoustic Fleece is a non-woven infill that provides a cost-effective solution for general sound absorption requirement.

Our Multi-Material Approach

Mineral & Soft Fibre
Wood Wool
Suspension Solutions

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