Mineral & Soft Fibre Solutions

Spectacular projects can only become reality if the possibilities between functionality and design live in harmony.

Our mineral fibre ceilings are produced in a wet process that uses natural, sustainable and renewable raw materials, including bio-soluble mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch. Soft fibre tiles are formed utilizing high absorbing mineral wool.

Production control through an ISO quality and environmental management process guarantees consistent high quality and safety, as well as the environmental security of the mineral wool used. 



In a world where image is everything, our mineral fibre ceilings inspire you to create stunning aesthetics and intimate spaces. An endless array of dramatic design possibilities with baffles, canopies, wall absorbers and accessories that can be easily installed and relocated without further modification.

Exposed surfaces that absorb sound to enhance acoustics, while reflecting up to 90% of light to make brighter, energy efficient spaces. And seamless, monolithic floating ceilings that add colour, shape, depth, scale and rhythm to contemporary building design.  


Under constant scrutiny and demanding the highest levels of comfort and cleanliness, healthcare settings go through continual changes to ensure the best possible environment for patients and healthcare professionals.

Reaching the essential criteria for individual risk zones, our new easy-to-clean mineral fibre ceilings deliver a strong acoustic performance, with impressive sound-absorbing and sound-blocking properties to help create privacy, as well as bring in daylight to reduce in-patient time. 

Armstrong BIOGUARD PLAIN Mineral Ceiling Tile

Smooth White Acoustic

The Smooth White Acoustic range has the widest choice of edges, modules and acoustic options, designed to provide flexibility and complete noise control for every space – whether it’s high sound absorption, high flanking transmission or a balance of both. 

Thanks to the smooth white surface, these aesthetically pleasing ceilings also offer high levels of light reflectance and energy saving benefits. 

AMF THERMATEX dB Acoustic Mineral Ceiling Tile


Our Classic Plain mineral fibre ceilings are available in a smooth white finish, offering more reflected daylight and high levels of flanking transmission for excellent room to room privacy.  

Knauf Ceiling Solutions PLAIN Mineral Ceiling Tile Close Up

With a finely textured surface, the Classic Sanded mineral ceiling system provides a perfect balance of light reflectance and acoustic performance to enhance comfort.  

Armstrong PERLA Mineral Ceiling Tile Close Up

Choose a perforated surface from the Classic Fissured mineral range to enjoy its unique combination of superior sound absorption and flanking transmission for advanced intelligibility.

Armstrong FINE FISSURED Mineral Ceiling Tile Close Up



With THERMATEX® Varioline, the individual design possibilities are almost limitless. 

Whichever architectural look and feel you have in mind, you can choose from a selection of mineral tiles with wood, concrete or metal pattern surfaces to achieve the desired visual aesthetic. 

Individual motif designs are also available to help customise and enhance the ambience of any space. 

Choose from any of the following solutions - Knauf Ceiling Solutions THERMATEX® Varioline Motif, Varioline Metal, Varioline Wood or Varioline Urban Style to meet the acoustic, aesthetic and fire performance needs of your project. 

AMF THERMATEX Aquatec Mineral Ceiling Tile

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