Suspension Solutions

Suspension systems form an integral part of the complete Knauf Ceiling Solutions portfolio.  

Purpose designed to co-ordinate and complement our mineral, metal, wood and wood wool, they also integrate seamlessly with all types of service elements, including lighting and HVAC.

Whatever space you’re looking to fill, and whichever material you wish to use, we can expand your mind with the highest performing suspended ceiling solutions.  

Every Grid System to Bring Your Vision Together


Knauf Ceiling Solutions brings world-leading manufacturing and the most technologically advanced equipment to its suspension systems. We have state-of-the-art production sites throughout Europe and Asia, enabling us to provide the broad portfolio of suspension systems for all types of spaces in the wide choice of designs.

Capable of close-to-market production and the advantage of specialist local knowledge, we also have a large and comprehensive global distribution network.

This means we can deliver mixed product shipments to help realise individual customer projects right on time, all while making a significant contribution to the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.  

Our Multi-Material Approach

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Suspension Solutions

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