Unlock nature's beauty with HERADESIGN® Creative, blending creativity, aesthetics, individuality, environmental integrity, and quality.

HERADESIGN® Creative is an additional possibility from our versatile range for individual architectural and design solutions for ceilings and walls. The sustainably certified products are constantly focussed on human needs and thus create extraordinary spaces that give people a sense of wellbeing.

Andreas Blümel / Global Technical Manager Wood Wool, Knauf Ceiling Solutions
Portrait of Andreas Blümel, Global Technical Manager Wood Wool at Knauf Ceiling Solutions.

Made of 100% Natural Raw Materials



The wood used for HERADESIGN® comes from sustainable, PEFC- and FSC-certified local forestry. This makes it a prime quality CO2-neutral material.



Locally-sourced, magnesite is a natural hydroscopic binder regulating humidity and indoor climate. Our recycling process recovers the binder from production residues to be reused as a secondary raw material.



Water, vital for life, is responsibly and respectfully treated as a precious, shared resource in the creation of our HERADESIGN® wood wool products.

Product Characteristics

  • Our state-of-the-art production technology and stringent quality standards guarantee an homogeneous surface structure.
  • Explore HERADESIGN® Creative texture design options: fine, pored, and smooth.
  • Mix texture design options in a single tile for a customised look.
  • 8 predefined distinct shapes (HERADESIGN® Creative Module) and 20 patterns (HERADESIGN® Creative Line & HERADESIGN® Creative Effect).
  • Explore additional individual shapes and patterns to craft unique designs on the ceiling or wall.
  • Breathe life into unconventional ideas and foster positive emotions through the seamless harmony of form and function.
© Stefan Meyer
  • Choose any colour of your preferred tone palette, from natural to pastel, solid and custom colours.
  • Opt for bold or muted options to best match your creation.
  • Infuse your emotions into the project, achieving harmony in material, form, and colour for a positive sense of space.
© Matt Livey
  • Enjoy the impressive sound-absorbing qualities (up to aw = 1.0) of HERADESIGN® Creative wood wool tiles – reducing reverberation time, minimising noise, and improving speech intelligibility for occupants.
© Moreno Maggi
  • HERADESIGN® regulates the climate, facilitating the absorption and release of air humidity from the environment.
  • This positively influences the overall indoor climate and extends the material's applicability to covered outdoor areas and swimming pools.
© David Matthiessen
  • HERADESIGN® has achieved a significant sustainability certification in the construction industry for its white and natural-coloured wood wool acoustic panels, HERADESIGN® Fine, Superfine, Micro, and Plano: Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold.
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs): Assess building-level environmental impacts for flexible construction product specification. Verified by IBU (Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.), our EPDs offer transparent, comparable information on life-cycle environmental impact.

From Idea to Reality


The boundless possibilities of HERADESIGN® Creative truly come to life when applied in real-world scenarios.

Explore our curated examples demonstrating diverse applications, serving as inspiration for your upcoming projects.

Let yourself be tempted by new ideas!


© Stefan Meyer
Coworking Space "Share Square"
© Sergiy Kadulin
© Gareth Andrews
© Gareth Andrews
© Fotofachgeschäft Glanznig
© Lukas Huneke
© Lukas Huneke
© Sergiy Kadulin

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