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Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms are essential for medical research and pharmaceutical production.

They enable different parameters, such as particle number, germ number, temperature, humidity, and pressure to be precisely monitored and controlled. This ensures that the existing air and intake air has a high purity and fulfils all cleanliness criteria.

Using our specialist coating range, these sterile environments can help protect patients and ensure the quality of medical products. 

Air Purity Classification

ISO 14644 –1 is the most well-known standard for classification of the air cleanliness in terms of concentration of airborne particles in cleanrooms and clean zones.

It states the maximum number of particles in the ambient air and divides the cleanrooms into classes from ISO 1 to ISO 9, with class 1 being the highest specification for air purity. 

Hygiene: Ceilings for clean rooms, clean zones, laboratories (© Knauf Ceiling Solutions)

Industries like healthcare, pharmaceuticals and food processing demand high levels of air cleanliness for airborne particulates, as well as environmental control over atmospheric contamination, temperature and humidity. 

Hygiene: Ceilings for clean rooms, Recovery room,hospitals, designed for Average Risk Area

ISO Clean Room

From ISO 5 to ISO 1 Clean Room performance (tested against ISO 14644-1) our mineral solutions for hygiene and healthcare environments are available with fully painted edges to provide the best guarantee for a clean room environment. 

Hygiene: Ceilings for clean Rooms, MRI,hospital ceilings designed for High risk areas (© Jakub Joachim)

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