Healthy Interiors

For Knauf Ceiling Solutions, creating a healthy, sustainable environment inside a building is just as important as the outside.

Our products offer generous lighting, outstanding acoustics, and clean, fresh air to enable occupants to live and work in the most positive conditions possible. And it doesn’t stop there.  

Where Comfort and Cleanliness Matter


The World Health Organization reports that 30% of new and renovated buildings receive excessive complaints related to indoor air quality.

In certain indoor spaces such as laboratories, it is essential to limit the number of airborne particles by creating a Clean Room-type environment using products certified in accordance with ISO 14644-1. 

Under constant scrutiny and demanding the highest levels of comfort and cleanliness, healthcare settings require individual ceiling designs to ensure the best possible environment.

Our bright, easy-to-clean solutions deliver a strong acoustic performance, creating privacy and well-being to reduce in-patient time. 

  • Acoustic performance not only benefits patient and staff comfort but also assists patient privacy through sound insulation between spaces. 

  • Natural daylight has numerous benefits, such as reducing patients’ in-time. 

  • Open plan design, and the continuous plane of a suspended ceiling with high light reflectance, will enable natural light to penetrate far into a building. 

  • It is also vital that healthcare environments meet rigorous safety standards. 

Ceilings in healthcare premises are chosen primarily on their performance and aesthetics. From reception areas and offices to treatment rooms and operating theatres, we have a solution for every requirement, all with anti-microbial, acoustic and cleaning properties.  

Armstrong BIOGUARD ACOUSTIC Mineral Ceiling Tile

Meet the Highest Standards


Being a leader in sustainability and safety means complying with the strictest regulations and certifications both domestically and across the globe. Knauf Ceiling Solutions’ health and hygiene range meet the highest standards available: 

  • Low or very low VOC and formaldehyde emission levels 

  • If required, have been classified E1 for formaldehyde (lowest emission class) 

  • Most achieve A+ (the best performance level under the stringent French VOC labelling system) 

  • Indoor Air Comfort (Gold) certification is a sign of our contribution to a healthy indoor climate