Technical features

  • System is engineered and designed to fit perfectly with Armstrong Ceilings
  • Patent certificate of new utility
  • Mitered cut at 45 degrees: uniformed joints with a black reveal on face
  • High profile, improved load-carrying capacity
  • Rotary stitching on cross tee for improved strength

Further features

  • Offices
  • Retails stores
  • Healthcare spaces
  • Lobbies,high-level public buildings
  • Education
  • Corridors
  • Material:High quality aluminum alloy
  • Surface Finish:Powder coating
  • Cross Tee / Main Bean Interface:Mitered cut
  • Model:Modular
  • Light duty LD


9.8 kg/m
Recycled Content
Dry Cloth

Materials & Options

45mm H Modular Beam
Aluminum Modular Grid System
Aluminum Modular Main Beam
Aluminum Modular Cross Tee
35H C Channel Cross Tee
Angle Molding
Shadow Molding


Aluminum Modular Grid System
Aluminum Modular Grid System
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