Mineral Ceiling Tile

Armstrong DUNE NG

Armstrong DUNE NG is a non-combustible ceiling tile (according to Federal Law of 22.07.2008 No123-FZ). It offers good acoustical comfort due to its popular microperforated surface finish.

Materials & Options

Armstrong DUNE NG
600 x 600 mm
1200 x 600 mm

Technical specifications



  • Good sound absorption (0.60(H) αw)

Application Areas (acc. to amends by Federal Law of 10.07.2012 No. 117-FZ)

  • Lobby, stairwell, elevator hall of buildings starting from 17 floors or more than 50m high
  • Lobby, stairwell, elevator hall of buildings, preschool educational premises, hospitals, theatres, cinemas, concert halls and club regardless of their height and number of storeys
  • Hall for sports and music lessons in preschool educational premises
  • Cinemas, concert halls, clubs and sport facilities with capacity over 300 people
  • Halls of hotels and dormitories, as well as sanatorium sleeping wards with capacity over 800 people
  • Archives and book depositories
  • Waiting area/lounge of airports and railway stations


Sound Absorption
αw = 0.60
Sound Attenuation
Dn,f,w = 32 dB
CAC= 32 dB
Light Reflectance
Fire Reaction
RUS KM0 (NG) as per 123-FZ
4.1 kg / m²
Thermal Conductivity
λ = 0.060 W/mK
Humidity Resistance
90% RH
Recycled Content
Dry Cloth
Product Handling
[Product Handling]

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