Technical features

  • Excellent sound absorption properties
  • Suitable for wall and ceiling applications
  • Eco-preferable material with low VOC emission, contains no formaldehyde and high recycled content
  • Homogeneous with throughout color – No field paint required for cut edges
  • Cleanable and easily demountable
  • Multiple installation method with engineered suspension systems and accessories
  • Impact and scratch resistant for long material longevity


Sound Absorption
Up to NRC = 0.80 per ASTM C423
Fire Reaction
B-s2,d0 per EN13501-1
BS EN 45545-2
ISO 16000
Recycled Content
> 50%
Scratch Resistant
ISO 7892
Impact resistance
ISO 7892

Materials & Options

Baffles Size 2800 x 300
Baffles size 2800 x 200
Baffles size 2800 x 150
Custom RAL Color Match
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