Metal Ceiling Baffles

Armstrong MetalWorks Baffles

The Armstrong MetalWorks Baffles range take lines to another level and creates a modern, linear visual that add to the depth and movement of the room. An attractive linear ceiling solution that screens the open plenum beautifully and adds panache to your signature spaces.

Not available in:
  • India

Materials & Options

RAL 9010
RAL 9005
Cherry Wood Effect
Read Oak Wood Effect
RAL Colors Available on request

Technical Specifications



  • Attractive linear, ceiling system that screens the open plenum
  • Flexible design enables “perimeter to core” or fully “discontinuous” solutions
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Heavy duty U-Profile suspension channel primary rail for integration of services
  • Four standard colours including two “timberlook” finishes
  • Two Baffle widths with flexible modules
  • Baffles produced from durable extruded aluminium

Application areas

  • Open plan spaces
  • Foyers / lobbies
  • Reception areas
  • Airports / Transport terminals
  • Waiting areas
  • Meeting rooms
  • Restaurants


Fire Reaction
Conforms to BCA Spec. C1.10 and tested to
AS/NZS 3837: 1998 – “Group 1”
100mm Baffles @100mm centres:
10.20 kgs/m²

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