Metal Ceiling Tile

Armstrong MetalWorks C & S PLANK

MetalWorks C&S Planks provide a contemporary monolithic linear visual, with a range of panel widths and finishes,  including Wood Effects.
Fast and easy installation with minimal plenum clearance.
Durable metal construction: washable, scratch and impact resistant, with perforated panels providing strong acoustical performance.

Materials & Options

Global White
RAL colors available on request
Wood grain effects available on request
Non Perforated (M1)
Microperforated (M2 - 19% Open area)

Technical specifications



  • Monolithic Linear visual with concealed suspension grid
  • Available in four profile widths: 100, 150, 200 (C-Plank) and 300mm (S-Plank)
  • Acoustical performance with microperforated panels
  • Fast and easy installation with minimal plenum clearance
  • Durable: washable, scratch and impact resistant


Fire Reaction
Class 0/1 as per BS 476 Part 6 & 7
5.2 kg/m²
Dry Cloth
Moist Cloth
Damp Sponge
Product Handling

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