Wood Ceiling Tile

Armstrong WoodWorks Vector

The Armstrong WoodWorks range adds warmth to a space. The Vector edge offers a narrow reveal visual that gives a uniform appearance to the space and provides safe & secure downward accessiblity without tools.

Not available in:
  • India

Materials & Options

Portland Maple Laminate (10077)
Sea Beech Laminate (10122)
Siam Wood Laminate (10856)
Mystique Walnut Laminate (10511)
Rd6006 (6% Open area)
Rg3003 (3% Open area)
Rg6011 (11% Open area)
Vector Prelude 43 Edge Profile

Technical specifications



  • Improved acoustics with SoundTex® fleece and new DETAIL
  • perforations
  • Enables designers to create rich and warm interiors
  • Realistic wood visuals
  • Easy to use hardware system for fast/easy installation
  • Enhanced acoustical properties with ‘Helmholtz Resonator’
  • Better concealed system with vector edge
  • 18 mm tile for better sag resistance and flatness
  • PVC edge banding for moisture resistance and aesthetics

Application areas

  • Used in a variety of ceiling areas: entrance halls, lounge areas, executive suites, meeting and conference rooms.


Sound Absorption
up to 0.60
Varies dependent on perforation
Panel Weight ≅ 11kgs/m²
Humidity Resistance
RH 70%

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