Vilnius, Lithuania

Bookshop, Vilnius Airport

Airy Sense of Space Around

The millions of travellers passing through Vilnius Airport every year might never look up, but the ceilings above their heads are always at work keeping them comfortable. So, for a high-traffic airport bookshop, the ceiling needed to be functional and durable, making the area bright and comfortable – acoustically and visually, so that travellers with their feet back on the ground could still enjoy the airy sense of space around them.

Practicality was critical to the solution – which was why the team settled on a linear METAL Baffle Element floating ceilings. Durable and easy to maintain, the solution perfectly fits the functional needs of the airport space. Even more importantly, it provides easy access for maintenance and services integration, and clever concealment of technical equipment, cables and other devices. And finally, it adds to the brightness and acoustic comfort within the space, making Vilnius Airport’s bookshop a more enjoyable place to browse between journeys.

Project Facts

  • Architect: Vilniaus Architektüros Studija, UAB
  • Client: VI Lietuvos oro uostai
  • Photography Copyright: © Szymon Polański

Project Information

  • Sector: Retail
  • Room Type: Corridor / Retail Spaces
  • Materials: Metal
METAL V-P 500, Rd 1522
METAL V-P 500, Rd 1522
METAL V-P 500, Rd 1522

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