Delft Water Board

Bright, Open and Welcoming Spaces

The dual challenges of an €18m renovation of the Delft Water Board’s head office were sound and visuals. The desire for bright, open and welcoming spaces needed light-filled rooms in which flowing curves and expressive angles granted a sense of physical space, while at the same time absorbing sound to minimise crowd noise.

The team looked to deliver a seamless, monolithic aesthetic with high acoustic performance. ELEGANZA, installed on Rapid'Fix throughout entrance hall, corridors, restaurant and meeting spaces, created clean, contemporary and easy to maintain ceilings. Successfully reconciling old and new parts of the building, it opened up light, spacious areas where people could meet and talk – while controlling noise to give them the comfortable conditions to hear and be heard, to think and to work.

Project Facts

  • Architect: Mecanoo
  • Contractor: Pennings Akoestiek B.V.
  • Client: Delft Water Board
  • Photography Copyright: © Mecanoo

Project Information

  • Sector: Office
  • Room Type: Entrance Hall / Meeting Space / Corridor / Restaurant
  • Materials: Mineral
© Mecanoo
© Mecanoo
© Mecanoo
© Mecanoo

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