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A Trendsetting
Colour Palette

Choose from eight Vario Design hues, inspired by natural sources to create comfortable, well-balanced spaces that enhance occupant health and wellbeing.

To enhance spaces where we work, live, play and heal, we collaborated with design experts to create a stylish colour palette for our multi-material Vario Design product portfolio.

Key Benefits

Flexible Design

From canopies and baffles to exposed and concealed ceiling systems, find a solution that fits.

Matching Performance

Match desired aesthetics with a diverse range of performance qualities.

Aesthetic Freedom

Combine different material, layouts, dimensions, shapes, colours and finishes.

Circular Thinking

Design healthier spaces with mineral, metal or wood wool Cradle to Cradle Certified® solutions. 

Mix & Match

Unleash your creativity by mixing and matching different colour combinations across our mineral, metal and wood wool ceiling and wall solutions to create infinite possibilities.

Trendsetting Colour Palette

As part of our Vario Design offer, choose from eight hues, inspired by natural sources to create comfortable, well-balanced spaces that enhance occupant health and wellbeing. Each of them is available across all materials.

Design to Impact


People feel comfortable and motivated when they live and work in pleasing and visually stimulating spaces.

With bold and long-lasting colours, architects not only impact the design of a room but will inspire and add a new dimension to interiors. Combining aesthetics and high product performance, our acoustic solutions help create relaxing, beautiful spaces that help boost our health and wellbeing. 

Our vast choice of edge details, shapes, dimensions and colours help architects create spaces everyone can enjoy with their eyes and ears.

Taking part in the latest design trends, Knauf Ceiling Solutions curated a new palette Vario Design of eight vibrant hues, peeking at elemental influences on wellbeing and nature for its core inspiration.

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Coloured ceiling tiles with good sound absorption allow people to focus on work, conversation, and collaboration as they provide a great indoor climate for productivity and comfort.

Colour affects all aspects of the design, theme, and personality of a building, making an interior space visually striking. You can achieve this by choosing from the multitude of coloured solutions available from Knauf Ceiling Solutions.

Granite, steel, green marble, copper, oak, sandstone, brass and concrete, natural elements or refined ones, all carved and revealed in their natural beauty by craftsmanship.

The colours are available across our mineral, metal and wood wool floating ceiling and wall solutions for open plenum spaces, from baffles to canopies to wall absorbers solutions—as well as our THERMATEX Alpha Colour mineral ceiling tile—, so that designers can create multi-sensory experiences through sound and colours.


Create More Vibrant Spaces


Colour defines the ambiance of a room, playing an essential role in stimulating mood and changing people's entire experience of a space.

By selecting specific colours you can influence people's emotions, designing a space that is fit for function.

Vario Design Colours

Green Marble

Experience our 8 colour trends

Improved well-being can result from a room designed with people in mind. Colourful ceilings stir emotions and alter the tone of a room.

Lighter colours make a room feel brighter, prompting people to be more proactive. In contrast, darker colours will bring a sophisticated and intimate atmosphere to a space, creating a feeling of cosiness and warmth.

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Make a Lasting Impression


Choose a black ceiling to transform the appearance of a room, providing sophistication and elegance.

An intimate and cosy atmosphere results from the lower light levels, creating a space that allows people to fully immerse themselves. Black ceilings make a statement, transforming the conventional into a high-end, modern look.

Floating elements, such as canopies and baffles play with light and shadows, and create drama, putting the focus on where it needs to be.

When you enhance the darkness, you emphasise the light—creating a powerful contrast. A black ceiling works with industrial, contemporary or urban styles, and remains a timeless option. It’s a choice that will make a lasting impression on those who experience your space.

Black ceilings are not only easy to maintain, but are available in a variety of hues and materials to meet the acoustic demands of any space. Make a bold choice that will enhance your space, with black ceiling solutions.

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