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By combining the full breadth of its multi-material portfolio with fast and easy installation, Knauf Ceiling Solutions is enhancing its floating ceiling and wall solutions with its 'Think Bigger' philosophy.


Baffles, canopies and wall absorbers have long been used to transform and define open plenum spaces. However, a recurring challenge has been the lack of single-source suppliers offering multi-material solutions as well as the complex installation process.

Discover Our New Floating Ceiling and Wall Solutions for Open Plenum Spaces

Individual Design

When it comes to floating ceilings, we're leading the way. With our flexible solutions, creativity and performance are limitless. Utilise our multi-material portfolio to combine baffles, canopies and wall absorbers that meet your aesthetic and performance requirements.

Universal Fit

With a newly universal grouping system, our floating ceiling solutions can be installed side by side using the same suspension system for all materials, giving you unlimited design opportunities with easy installation.

Unlimited Options

The possibilities are endless. Play with materials, shapes, colours and dimensions and transform open plenum spaces with standard, configurable or bespoke baffles, canopies and wall absorbers to make your wildest ideas become reality.

Experience Our New Range for Open Plenum Spaces

Transform Open Spaces


With our open plenum solutions, every detail is taken care of. Architects can achieve performance capabilities to match any project specification by selecting the right materials. However, with our solution-first approach, outstanding performance and aesthetic design can be achieved without compromise.

Charlotte Méheux / Global Product Manager Multi-Material, Knauf Ceiling Solutions

Knauf Ceiling Solutions has introduced a new grouping system which adapts to all kinds of floating solutions no matter which material, product type or layout is chosen.

With its multi-material approach for open plenum spaces, Knauf Ceiling Solutions has unlimited design possibilities. By using our newly designed grouping system, canopies and baffles can be mixed and matched side by side using the same suspension system for all materials. This means architects and designers can incorporate varied textures as well as shapes, sizes and colours. Furthermore, the grouping system improves alignment and speeds up the installation process for contractors

Explore Endless Possibilities


Colour defines the ambiance of a room, playing an essential role in stimulating mood and changing people's entire experience of a space.

To enhance spaces where we work, live, play and heal, we collaborated with design experts to create a stylish colour palette for our multi-material product portfolio.


Vario Design Colours

Green Marble

Choose from eight Vario Design hues, inspired by natural sources to create comfortable, well-balanced spaces that enhance occupant health and wellbeing.

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Embrace Freedom and Flexibility


We offer unrivalled design freedom as well as a unique grouping system for faster and easier installation.

Combine ambitious ceiling aesthetics and performance with one-fits-all suspension for universally individual ceiling designs. An integrated solution-first approach enables you to achieve outstanding aesthetics, acoustics and sustainability credentials to meet any project specification. We take care of every detail, empowering versatile floating solutions to transform open plenum spaces.

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