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Healthcare & Hygiene Solutions

Create Safe Spaces
to Heal, Work, Learn, Live & Play

Specialist performances enable the creation of Safe Spaces that support professionals, patients, residents, and children to work and live better. It’s the reason we created our Healthcare & Hygiene range. 

People First


Professionals can feel confident in their working environments, knowing that we have designed and manufactured our ceiling solutions to create Safe Spaces that support them as they work.

While patients on their journey to recovery, residents in care homes, and children in nurseries benefit from bright and inspiring Safe Spaces that put wellbeing first.

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Keep Workers and Patients Safe

The building materials used in healthcare and hygiene environments must be fire safe and non-toxic. Our acoustic products are highly resilient to fire.

They also have the best indoor climate accreditations: VOC A+, Formaldehyde (E1) and Indoor Air Comfort Gold accredited.

Maintain the Highest Hygiene Levels

Effective hygiene and cleaning in hygiene-led premises reduce cross-infection.

Add to that easy-to-clean products, and you'll have access to a full range of hygiene solutions to keep spaces spotless.

Increase Wellbeing with Natural Light

Daylight can improve patient wellbeing and influence workers' mood.

With their excellent light reflectance and diffusion, our solutions reduce the need for artificial light and capitalise on sunlight to save energy.



The Healthcare & Hygiene range offers performances that meet the challenges and requirements of safety-first environments while contributing to the wellbeing of end-users. 

In hospitals, it's crucial to focus on antimicrobial performance. Keeping the building as hygienic as possible is fundamental to prevent the spread of diseases and infectious agents to vulnerable patients.

In addition, natural daylight and excellent acoustic performances are paramount to improve staff comfort and reduce patient in-time.

Care homes are responsible for vulnerable people with complex health and social care needs. They need to deliver person-centred care tailored to each individual. Safe and clean spaces balanced with great acoustic performances and flooded with natural light do wonders to improve the quality of care and the wellbeing of both elderly and staff.

Young minds need a friendly and warm atmosphere to forge new experiences. Parents will only find peace of mind if they know their little pioneers are safe to roam in an adventure-bound space. Therefore all surfaces, including ceilings, must be spotless and allow natural light to flow in. In addition, high sound absorption is vital for naptime and rest from the day's excitement.

Clean rooms are dedicated spaces to control contaminants' introduction, generation, and retention and measure the concentration of airborne particles in the air. The strictest hygiene levels and adherence to the ISO 14644 norm are required. Our ceiling ranges play a crucial role in achieving clean rooms level for companies producing electronics, semiconductors, micromechanics, optics, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals or medical devices.

In the food industry, hygiene and safety are as stringent as in healthcare. Knauf Ceiling Solutions can provide a range of products with specific coating which limits the growth of bacteria and fungi on surfaces. Add to that great acoustics and light reflectance levels, and you can ensure these workplaces are safe and participate in the workers' wellbeing.




The ceiling solutions in our Healthcare & Hygiene range are tested and proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria.



Our Healthcare & Hygiene solutions are designed to allow cleaning – essential in safety-first settings.


Air Quality

Our systems reduce the risk of contamination with good air quality ISO and excellent CP5 kinetics of particle decontamination ratings.


Acoustic Control

Sound absorption and attenuation improve acoustic balance and sound transfer between adjacent spaces.


Light Reflectance

An excellent light reflectance level allows natural light to penetrate deep into a building, enhancing and reducing reliance on artificial lighting.


Fire Reaction

A fire reaction rating of A2-s1, d0 means that our products meet the stringent standards of hospitals, clean rooms, care homes, nurseries, and the food processing industry.

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Performance Benefits


Products within the portfolio boast the best microbiological cleanliness class (M1) according to NF S 90-351:2013, excellent antimicrobial performances that are tested up to 8 bacteria and fungi, and versatile cleanability, from dry to steam cleaning, and resistance to disinfectants.

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Well-being Benefits


Natural light improves wellness, performance, and recovery. The high light reflectance of our ceiling solutions optimises the natural light that enters a space, creating settings that favour positive physical and mental health.

Acoustic control provides an answer to unwanted noise pollution and the transfer of sounds between spaces, improving comfort, privacy, and communication when people need it most. 

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Design Benefits


The Healthcare and Hygiene range meets the exacting standards of hygiene-critical environments, providing a simplified portfolio of high-performing ceiling solutions with a modern white aesthetic that have been proven in the real world.

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Knauf Ceiling Solutions' Healthcare & Hygiene range offers a comprehensive choice of products that cater to every requirement of safety-first environments, placing people’s care and comfort at the top of the agenda. 

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