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Cost-Free Pallet Take-Back Service

Demonstrating unwavering dedication to sustainability, Knauf Ceiling Solutions proudly unveils a groundbreaking initiative: a cost-free pallet return scheme. This forward-thinking program not only underlines our environmental commitment but also offers tangible ecological and economic advantages.

In Germany, our valued customers now have the opportunity to effortlessly return and reuse stackable, standard-sized wooden pallets. Facilitating this service is our trusted partner, Boomerang Retour GmbH, ensuring nationwide accessibility throughout Germany.

What Will Be Collected?

  • All standard-sized wooden pallets used for Knauf Ceiling Solutions mineral ceiling tiles and T-grid (produced in Grafenau, Germany) with the marking and symbol KCS-GR

  • Both intact, damaged, or soiled wooden pallets

  • Minimum collection quantity: 40 pieces, pallets (pallets from other participants involved in the pallet return program may be counted)

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What Do I Have to Do?

  • Stack empty pallets securely and in sets of up to 20 pallets maximum (do not band)
  • Inform our partner Boomerang Retour and request the pick-up

Request a Pick-Up

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sustainability is part of our daily practice. This also includes active resource conservation, such as with wood. We want to avoid disposable pallets.
  • Processing and reusing wooden pallets contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. The legislator supports this recycling principle in the current Packaging law (VERPACKG) and obliges every company to make its contribution to climate neutrality through the Climate Protection law. The removal of empty pallets that are no longer required also creates space in the warehouse and on the construction site.

  • Pick-up takes place at any location in Germany from the mainland.
  • The pallets are clearly marked with the KCS symbol.

  • The logistics partner Boomerang takes all Knauf Ceiling Solutions reusable pallets, they just have to be stackable.

  • Yes, as long as the minimum collection quantity of 40 pieces is reached.

  • All you have to do is stack the pallets securely and notify Boomerang Retour of the quantity for pickup by email, phone or WhatsApp message. Boomerang Retour takes care of the rest.
  • No, Knauf Ceiling Solutions will cover the costs of transport and reprocessing.

  • No, there is no obligation to join the program, participation is voluntary.