Independent Fire Protection

Non-loadbearing ceiling systems are designed to provide horizontal fire protection. They have a fire-resistance rating independent of any building element above them, providing intrinsic fire protection. Our System 30 Uno ceilings can be suspended by hangers, fixed directly to a supporting frame or be totally self-supported. In Europe these ceiling systems are tested according to EN 1364-2 and awarded classification according to EN 13501-2. 


System Uno is a corridor span solution that offers independent fire protection EI 30 (a<->b) from above and below. If a fire occurs within the ceiling void, escape routes underneath remain free of smoke, flame and heat. Or if it occurs below the ceiling, the building structure and services in the ceiling void are protected. System Uno planks installed on a supporting perimeter construction can span up to 2.8m without suspension hangers and are quick and easy to install. The system offers good levels of sound absorption and is available in a variety of finishes. 

F-H 600 SWING EI30 (a<->b) 

Metal F-H 600 Swing EI30 fire resistant ceiling (a <-> b), with an additional layer of Knauf plasterboard fixed to the back of the panels and an intumescent tape sealing the gaps is another ceiling system with an independent fire resistance in Knauf Ceiling Solution’s portfolio. Available in various plank sizes up to 2700mm length, either unperforated or perforated with different patterns. With an easy accessibility it’s an ideal solution for corridors, where most of key building installations are hidden in the plenum.