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World-Leading Experience
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ADAGIO is the product of world-leading experience in ceiling design.
Of cutting-edge thinking in everything from light reflectance to acoustics, sustainability to design flexibility.

It’s a premium system built on the highest standards for better design, better installation and better spaces.

That’s why ADAGIO can take your ceilings to the next level. You’ll be inspired by how much more you can achieve with Knauf Ceiling Solutions.

The ADAGIO range creates beautiful aesthetics, defined by smooth white surfaces. With a bright, white finish, it reflects 90% of light, and floods spaces with natural light and warmth. Enhanced light reflectance reduces reliance on artificial lighting, driving energy costs down.

With low gloss levels, ADAGIO delivers a modern and even appearance. With its cleanable, scratch-resistant surface, the range delivers both durability and reliability.

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Sound plays a crucial part within a space, positively influencing focus, work and collaboration. The new ADAGIO range enables architects and designers to create spaces that sound as good as they look.

Different ADAGIO solutions can be combined to help architects and designers imagine greater possibilities with a boundless range of shapes, sizes and edge details available in several exposed, semi-concealed and fully concealed options.

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Acoustics + Aesthetics

ADAGIO Acoustic+
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Whiter + Brighter

Energy Saving

90% light reflectance drives down energy costs by 16%.

Beautiful Aesthetics

A smooth surface for purer, whiter visuals

Lower Gloss Levels

Low gloss level delivers a smarter, more uniform appearance.

Leading Edges + Performance

Reinforced Surface

Washable, scratch-resistant design for easy clean and longer wear.

Fully Painted Hard Edge

Makes for a better, slicker fit and reduced risk of installation damage.

Resourceful + Recyclable

Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze

Made from up to 56% recycled material, reducing waste throughout its life cycle.

Indoor Air Quality Gold

Ultra-low emissions.

M1 Indoor Air Climate

Meet sustainability targets and deliver greener building credentials.

Imagine Greater Possibilities

Configurable Tiles

A broader choice of shapes and sizes for design freedom.

A Leading Range of Edges

From exposed to fully concealed, ADAGIO can fulfill any design vision.

Mix & Match

Combine different tile options for every space to create optimal acoustics and design balance.